Christmas Tunes (Part 3)

I have been on a roll lately finding great new Christmas tunes! And the best thing about this latest collection is that they’re all available to download for FREE on Noisetrade. If you haven’t heard of this little gem of a website, you must check it out. It’s a great place to discover new tunes from super talented indie artists that may otherwise go undiscovered.

A Neighborly Christmas by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – This 11-song collection of Christmas tunes by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors features mostly covers of classics including a fittingly melancholy version of Blue Christmas, a rendition of Merry Christmas Baby that offers a bit of grit and gruff and a folksy arrangement of Go Tell It On The Mountain as well as an original song, Merry Christmas Tonight. If you like folk and bluesy country music, they you’ll likely enjoy this Christmas album.

Christmas Collection 2011 by Sleeping At Last – Indie, rock band, Sleeping At Last has released a whole whack of music over the past decade including their recent holiday album, Christmas Collection 2011. The band’s soft, melodic sound can be likened to that of Sufjan Stevens and with this latest effort, they offer up a collection of Christmas songs that are both beautiful and soothing. Album standouts: Cradle In Bethlehem and Merry Little Christmas.

Emmanuel by Sleeperstar – It’s just a single, but the U2-esque sound of this band’s version of O Come O Come Emmanuel (with a little Joy to the World mixed in for good measure) is worth the time it takes to click on this link, enter your info, open the email with the download link, click the download link and then one final click of the download button.

Another great thing about Noisetrade is that if you like what you hear from a band or artist, you can go back and leave a tip. Happy listening!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tunes (Part 3)

  1. Jamie, love the music that you’re sharing! It is crazy that there are actually not that many Christmas songs but just different renditions. It is amazing to me how a great artist can take a song and change it up so that it is so different but as equally enjoyable as the original and sometimes even more so.

    • Awesome – glad you like it! I have some more that I’m going to share in the next week too! And you’re right, I think that’s part of being a great artist…being able to take something that already exists and make it their own.

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