DIY Scrabble Ornaments

Image Credit: Mandi Ehman

I love word games. So when I came across this cute do-it-yourself project while browsing StumbleUpon that combines two of my loves – Christmas and Scrabble – it was just too darling to pass up and I knew that I’d be making it at some point this season. So I bookmarked it for later until I came up with inspiration for which words I would spell.

Well a few weeks ago, I found out that I drew my boyfriend’s mom’s name in the annual Christmas gift exchange. I had no idea what to get her. Not because she’s difficult to please (just want to make that clear), but because I wanted to get her something a bit unique. She’s a proud grandma of 6 adorable kiddos (soon-to-be 7) and cherishes every moment she gets with them…which got me thinking of possible gifts that could celebrate or honour her grandchildren. That’s when I remembered the DIY Scrabble ornament craft. So I decided to make her a personalized ornament for each of her 7 grandchildren.

The sample on the website calls for red ribbon as the ornament hanger, but I wasn’t sold on this. It seemed a bit flimsy and could be prone to coming undone, so I came up with a variation using copper wire. If you’d like to make your own set of Scrabble Christmas ornaments, here’s a tutorial to guide your way.

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden Scrabble trays and letters (I bought a new Scrabble game at Walmart for $16)
  • Pencil
  • Miter or hand saw
  • Carpenter glue (the kind that dries clear)
  • Paintbrush
  • 5/8″ screw eyes (these can be found at a hardware store)
  • Copper wire (I got mine from my dad 🙂 )
  • Wire snips (or something that cuts wire)
  • Pliers


  1. Decide on the words or names that you’ll be making. Lay the corresponding letter tiles out on your wooden trays, pairing the words to maximize the space on the trays. Line the letters up to the outside edges and mark the tray on the inside edge of each word with a pencil.
  2. Remove the letters and cut the trays with a miter saw (not gonna lie, I got my dad to do this part). If you’re super anal meticulous, you could sand the sawed edge to smooth it out a bit.
  3. Use a paintbrush to smooth a thin layer of carpenter glue on the inside of the tray and then firmly press the letters onto the tray, squeezing them together on the sides as well.
  4. Let them dry for at least an hour before making the wire hanger.
  5. Once dry, mark with a pencil on either side of the tray where you’re going to put the screw eye. I recommend the thicker part of the tray to avoid splitting the wood. Carefully turn the screw eyes into the wood tray until they won’t rotate any further (note: it’s not necessary for the entire screw to be inserted into the tray, just as long as it’s secure).
  6. With the screws in place, thread one end of the copper wire into one of the screw eyes, bending up the end so it stays in place. Thread the other end of the copper wire through the other screw eye to create an upside down ‘U’ shape and snip at the desired length. I did approximately 6-8 inch wires for each ornament.
  7. Using the pliers, twist the short end of the copper wire around the long part to secure it in place.
  8. Hang on a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Here’s how mine turned out


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