Christmas Crafting…Part 1

This past weekend I completed my first Christmas craft since I was young entrepreneur in elementary school making Christmas coasters and napkin holders that I sold at local craft fairs (read: guilted family members into buying). I made a set of yarn Christmas trees that I posted a link to last week.

In theory, this should have been a relatively easy craft. After all, it was just wrapping yarn around a foam cone. How difficult could it be? Well if you have the right yarn, it is pretty simple, but I took the instructions to find ‘thick yarn’ a bit too literal. The first version of my yarn Christmas tree looked a little bloated…kind of like a cone-shaped Michelin Man. Being the perfectionist that I am, I dropped the craft and headed out for new yarn. Two stores and one hour later, I came back with skinnier yarn in prettier colours. I also found some pretty cute birdies to top my trees off. Here’s how they turned out.

I went with a cream, bronze and gold theme – to complement my Christmas colours. If you’re still thinking of trying out this craft, here are a few tips:

  • Purchase your yarn, foam cones and decorating accessories from Walmart, Zellers or Target (way cheaper than a craft store like Michaels)
  • Go for medium thickness yarn (not the jumbo thick kind)
  • Pins with a pearl head work best
  • For a little extra glitz, try using sparkly yarn
Happy crafting!
Idea: With all that left over yarn you’ll have after this project and if you’re not a knitter (like myself), try making yarn ornaments with foam balls…like the ones below. This might be my next project.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting…Part 1

  1. Look GREAT!! Very crafty! I have some balls like those and I was looking for ideas yesterday…didn’t get very far! So that is what I’ll do. A little yarn ornament! Craft night in our future???

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