There’s An App For That

I feel obliged to begin by mentioning that this post is for iPhone users only. Sorry. Before the week is over though, I’ll be posting a fun craft idea that will hopefully make up for it. Over the past week or so, I’ve scoured the Apple App Store to find some of the best free Christmas apps out there. There were literally dozens and dozens to choose from, but I viewed the customer ratings and tested out about 20 different ones and have found a few that I particularly like, so I thought I’d share.

1. Christmas Countdown App

For a standard countdown app, this free option is simple and sweet. This app generates a small number on its upper right hand corner that shows the numbers of days until Christmas without having to open the app. But if you want to know how many hours, minutes and seconds until December 25th, you can choose from three merry backgrounds or create your own using a photo.

2. Sleeps to Christmas

With charming graphics and enchanting music, this app is nothing short of adorable. Not only does the app countdown how many sleeps it is until Christmas (right down to the second), it has several other fun options too, including a 25-day advent calendar with a new ‘gift’ to unwrap every day starting December 1st. I haven’t peaked, so I have no idea what’s inside each box. Plus, it lets you take fun photos or yourself, like this…

3. The Very First Christmas Story

This app tells the story of the Nativity (adapted from the Gospels of Luke & Matthew) in a simple and straightforward way. Kids will love flipping through this digital book, viewing the pictures and reading the story of why we celebrate Christmas. And for kids who can’t read yet, this app offers narration as well. For a free app, it comes with a lot of cool features!

4. Christmas Wallpapers

The Current Background On My Phone

Christmas-tize your iPhone with merry backgrounds and wallpapers. These apps are kind of a dime a dozen (not sure that’s an applicable saying for something that’s free…I digress), but I found a few decent ones, including the following:



5. Christmas Gifts List Free 

Do you have a lot of gifts to buy this year? Keep track of all the people you need to purchase gifts for and your corresponding budget with the Gifts Free app. With an easy-to-use interface, this free app lets you easily organize your gift giving list and the amount you’ve budgeted to spend per person. It also tracks how much you’ve spent of your total budget and has a helpful notes section where you can add lists or images.

Keep in mind that these are free apps so there are some annoying ads you’ll have to deal with. If you’d rather not be bothered, there is a whole world of $0.99 Christmas apps just waiting to be purchased.

US App Store Links

For my American friends, here are the links to these apps in the US App Store 🙂

Christmas Gifts List Free

Christmas Countdown

Sleeps 2 Christmas

50,000+ Christmas Wallpaper Free

The Very First Christmas Story


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